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The Real World.

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Bill Gray


One of the 1st jobs I ever had, was a doorman to a local city nightclub.  I was 18 years old and thought it the greatest job in the world. Looking back, it was without doubt an experience that helped shape my life, and for the better in so many ways. It is also something however; I hope I never go back to.


I have worked and been around the night-club scene nearly all my adult life, by working in the Prison System, plus holding the ranks of (Black Belt) in 3 different styles: 1. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, (Ground Fighting) (instructed by John Will, / Rigan Machado,, 2. (Shoot Fighting), A Street Orientated Self Defense (instructed by John Will) 3. ‘ The Real World’, (A combination of simplistic and extremely effective street survival techniques, covering both stand up and ground attacks, multiple attack defense, wall and corner escapes, knife/weapon defense, ground attacks, survival response, and much more) a style designed and put together by myself.


‘The Real World’ package is designed to give the participant MAXIMUM SAFETY with MINIMAL TRAINING. (“Self Help Self Defense”). Through life experiences, hard training, and many years in the Martial Arts industry, I have confidently put together this book,  ‘STOP’, as part of my cutting edge program ‘The Real World’ Anti Abuse /Self Protection, which incorporates Books, (paper back and electronic), DVDs, Audio Cds, and Personal Seminars for businesses, schools, and corporate alike.


My program will help shape your life in minimal time. It is a program like nothing the world has ever seen, a program that will help make your life 95% safer.


Welcome to the Real World of Anti-Abuse/Self Protection.



Bill Gray,


Black Belt in,

                        Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

                        Shoot Fighting

                        The Real World

                        Confined Space Protection Specialist

                        Human Instinctive Response Specialist

                        Founder Of the ‘Real World’, Anti Abuse/Self Protection


"Stop". A Book By Bill Gray, Covering all aspects of Anit-Abuse and Self Protection.

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